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    Why Us?

    Finding the perfect drug rehab program for your situation can be a daunting process - there are many different treatment options, however there is generally very little time to make a decision.

    Newport Coast Recovery is a top notch men’s drug and alcohol rehab program located in Newport Beach, CA. There are a lot of addiction treatment options in California, many of them are the best in the nation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of operations that just don’t provide the level of service necessary to recover from addiciton.

    Addiction treatment isn’t supposed to be a vacation, although many facilities make it out to be so. Recovering from chemical dependency is hard work and we at Newport Coast Recovery are committed to doing everything in our power to help our clients achieve their goals. Individual therapy is an integral component of our program - many facilities don’t provide enough of this, but at NCR knows how important it is.

    Hard work aside, recovering from chemical dependency can be a very rewarding and life changing experience. Clients participate in daily recreational activities that range from beach sports, bicycling and gym activities to movie theater outings, baseball games, amusement park trips and golfing. These recreational activities are balanced with individual and group therapy to provide a well rounded experience.

    Newport Coast Recovery is dedicated to using the most modern and effective techniques to get clients sober and avoid relapse. Full body scans, brain SPECT scans, blood chemistry analysis and psychological evaluation are provided as needed and allow us to provide clients with customized treatment plans based on their individual situation. Clients will learn techniques obout how to avoid relapse - this is a component that many treatment facilities don’t provide enough of, yet it is essential.

    We care about all of our clients and their families, and we’re dedicated to making this difficult time for you go as smoothly as possible.

    A few more reasons to choose NCR

    State Licensing: In California, the ADP licenses drug and alcohol rehab programs to ensure they provide the level of service necessary to recover from alcoholism or other drug addictions. Newport Coast Recovery is a licensed inpatient rehab program so you can be sure it meets the standards of the State of California. Always ask a facility about its licensing before you even consider attending.

    Dual Diagnosis Capabilities: Drug addiction is often seen in combination with one or more psychological disorders which may not have even been diagnosed. A dual diagnosis facility is capable of identifying and treating these co-occurring disorders alongside the addiction. Facilities without the ability to treat co-occurring disorders won’t adequately serve patients with disorders like anxiety or depression. Even if a patient has never been diagnosed with a psychological disorder, dual diagnosis rehab is generally the best option - it generally comes with more psychological counseling, which is always beneficial. Newport Coast Recovery is a dual diagnosis rehab facility capable of treating these co-occurring disorders.

    Activities in Rehab: Drug and alcohol rehab is more than just a lot of hard work - it can be a very rewarding and engaging experience that integrates exciting activities. It’s important that the drug rehab program you choose incorporate these activities into the schedule. Newport Coast Recovery is located just steps from the beach, so patients can surf, swim and excerise on the beach (volleyball, football, frisbe, etc.) everyday if they choose.