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    Welcome to Newport Coast Recovery

    By | August 2, 2008

    Newport Coast Recovery is currently undergoing reorganization and is not accepting clients at this time. Please Check back in 2010 for updates.

    For now, we recommend you check out Ocean Recovery for Drug Rehab and sober living programs in Newport Beach

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    For Rehab information, check Rehab-Wiki

    For Structured Living, Visit Peppertree Structured Living

    Also Check out the Ocean Recovery Drug Rehab Blog

    Finding a drug rehab program that is reliable and effective is often the deciding factor of whether or not long term sobriety can be maintained. Relapse is very common, and the sad truth is that even after rehab, relapse rates are relatively high. The best way to make the most out of an inpatient rehab experience is to fully commit one’s self to the rehab program - many people go to rehab against their will or as a result of an intervention, but until an individual really wants to quit, not even the best drug rehab program will be effective.

    To make sure you find the rehab program that’s right for you, it may be advisable to get in touch with a Psychiatrist who specializes in addiction - from there an evaluation for any dual diagnosis conditions can be made, and a referral to the correct type of rehab program can be made. The cost of a doctors visit is well worth figuring out what type of program is right - in some cases an outpatient rehab program may even be preferable over an inpatient program, but having a doctor’s opinion is very valuable

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