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    Newport Coast Recovery (NCR) is a state licensed and certified inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility offering gender specific treatment for men with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our highly structured live-in program is 12 step based that incorporates a holistic philosophy. All of our case managers are state certified alcohol and drug counselors and our therapists are professionally licensed.
    Clients at NCR receive both group and individual counseling, they participate in educational lectures and process groups on addiction, dual diagnosis, relapse prevention, stress/anger management, self esteem and character development classes, as well as attend 12-step meetings. An individualized treatment plan will be developed based on the results of psychological testing and one-on-one interviews with a counselor and a therapist, and will be updated and evaluated on a weekly basis.

    The foremost program is a structured 90-day intensive residential treatment program for men suffering from drug alcohol and chemical dependency. This program takes place at our Newport Beach facility, called the “Blue House” located steps from the beach and is staffed 24 hours per day for close supervision of all clients. All clients are monitored and are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. The Blue House is fully furnished and contains all the comforts of home including home-cooked meals.

    In our effort to promote personal responsibility, emotional growth and to raise self esteem and confidence of our clients, our program is divided into phases each of which has clients expectations and goals that have been set through individual care planning. As a clients progress is evaluated and goals are met, the responsibility of clients is increased. As the client, in their addiction, has been lowering the bar of acceptable behavior in recovery, we begin to raise the bar towards achievable behaviors.

    PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Phase I (Days 1 – 30)

    Phase I is the most intensive and highly structured phase of care providing intensive therapy utilizing individual, family, group and educational counseling. Every client is assigned a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) as well as a Case Manager who is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC) with whom they create an individualized treatment plan. This treatment plan is developed through a collaboration of a case manager, therapist, the client, and psychological testing results.
    Each client has individual needs that are determined by a multitude of factors and backgrounds; drug of choice, frequency and duration of use, motivation for treatment, prior treatment experiences, psychological and emotional issues, family environment and social support systems all play a part in developing the most appropriate treatment plan for you or your loved. In the first phase of treatment each client will attend and participate in more than thirty hours a week of group and individual therapy sessions, weekly individual therapy sessions with a licensed therapist and daily 12-Step meetings. Here is a list of just some of the topics that will be discussed:

    · Group and Individual Counseling and Care Planning
    · Co-Occurring Disorders Counseling/Therapy
    · Lectures and Process Groups on the Disease Process of Addiction
    · Family Education & Support Workshops
    · 12-Step Relapse Prevention
    · Anger/Stress Management
    · Character Development Workshops
    · Self Esteem
    · Co-Dependency Education
    · Life Skills/Goal Setting
    · Healthy Living (HIV, Hep C and STD education)
    · Daily Offsite AA meetings
    · Weekly Alumni Panel Meetings
    · Aftercare & Discharge Planning
    · Spirituality
    · Nutrition
    · Physical Fitness and Activity Programs including:
    - Surfing
    - Body boarding
    - Golf
    - Swimming
    - Biking
    - Bowling
    - Tennis
    - Yoga
    - Beach meetings
    - Volleyball
    - Gym

    Please take a look at our weekly schedule. (Link to schedule)

    Phase II: (Days 31 – 60)
    Phase II of our program is designed to begin the “re-entry” process into society. Clients are encouraged to work, volunteer, or go to school while practicing the tools of their recovery in the community. Clients are given more autonomy while still adhering to the structure of the program. Clients develop healthy, meaningful relationships with sponsors, alumni, and other men in recovery.
    In addition, each client works individually with his assigned Case Manager and develops an individual plan that encompasses his goals in life regarding education, employment, living arrangements, children, family, self-care etc.

    Phase III (Days 61 – 90)
    Phase III of the program is basically and extension of Phase II where the clients are slowly given more personal responsibility, while regularly meeting with their case manager and attending daily 12-Step meetings. This is the lowest level of residential care and clients further practice the tools of their recovery in the community.