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    Facility Type

    Men’s Inpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment


    Newport Beach, CA

    Programs offered

    30 day, 60 day, 90 day+


    Licensed by the California ADP

    Probation Approved


    Program Components

    Individual therapy, group therapy, outside group meetings (AA, NA, etc.), psychological and medical evaluation, Access to church, recreational opportunities, 24 hour staff, balanced diet, daily schedule


    All client records are kept confidential pursuant to California and Federal law. Your presence in our program is confidential; the client decides who has access.

    Electronic Equipment

    Electronics including laptops and cell phones are permitted in most situations, however you must be responsible for your own belongings.


    Clients have their own bed in several shared apartments. Living with other people going through the same process as you is an important component of our program.


    Credit cards, cash, checks or money orders are accepted as payment which is due upfront. Some insurance policies may cover part of the expense as well. Contact us and we’ll help figure out the best way for you to pay for treatment.

    Detox Option

    Contact us for information regarding detox, which is often required before beginning the rehab program


    Please contact us for help with staging an intervention, a qualified interventionist should always be consulted beforehand.

    Contact Number